Welcome to your Brasov private guide

Brasov is not only medieval city,but art city as well, a tour here can reveal you many outstanding jewells.
First let's introduce ourselves: I am Amelia, I am main tour guide for Brasov, as well as for other cities in Romania, and secondary guide for sport activities (any, from climbimg to hunting...and you've got plenty of them here).Wilderness is a particular trait of this country, in both natures (human and animals).You will enjoy this adventure with me; if you dare, in my tours can be revealed dangerous aspects of the country or..X.. at least I can make them seem dangerous if you request such! (I also work with a group of entertainers) Shall we start upon.. having fun?

Legend and history

A lot of legends are carried on about this city and sorroundings;let's take 3 of them:

  • The disciple statue of the Black Church
    On the counterfort of the northern Black Church is a strange statue, showing a child who seemed ready to fall. Legend says that child was a very talented apprentice, who stirred the envy of one of the craftsmen who worked to raise the church. That crtaftsman asked the apprentice to raise something on the edge cornice, and when the young man bent down, he pushed him and fell to load. The statue is tribute by his colleagues. Once, on one side of the church, there were three other statues, representing a warrior, a woman and a lion which in time were destroyed.
The lovers
Once upon a time, in a time great of poverty, a young couple ran away from parents' will opposed to their binding and lived together in secret; since the girl was promised to a rich old man which paid the family, they were finally hunted down and killed for this "immorality". It is told that they still were to be seen out at night on some dark streets of the city, hand in hand and happy,though walls bleeds when they pass by.

Count Dracula legend

That is the most famous legend about a former cruel romanian king,named Vlad Tepes. Obviously you know the story and the movie, what you do not know is that Dracula has more wives, dead-alive, just like himself, and you can meet them at Halloween fest each end-october, organized near Bran castle.
Though right now drinking blood might seem crazy, in the obscure medieval times, people guided themselves mostly by superstitions, since ancient time has fallen together with the roman empire, and there was no glory left, but a dark, random search for a life-death meaning.

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