Specialities in the areal

Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary Lies 23 miles west of Brasov BUT... you don't need to pay to see a bear or another wild dangerous animal - lynx, wolves, jackals....they are all wandering free in all forests around Romania, one has only to risk his life or even lose it to meet a wild animal....Romania is the biggest reservoir in the world of wild free animals, after Afrika. Authorities hide this facts, but many people are killed monthly by wild animals, including that american woman which was killed near her tent on a wide valley filled with people and cars...what is even stranger is that you are not allowed to shoot one in self-defense, neither will one find a gun in this country.
Warning....make a group of 3 people when going even on populated forest roads, never go there alone....you will be reported as missing, stolen by alliens, but they will never acknowlege that missing people were in fact EATEN!

back in 17 century

  • Weird customs and habbits
    Here old customs are well preserved...a woman must marry latest 30-th otherwise she will be excluded from social life (if she is not married or concubined, she has no income source) ....that happens less in the capital, Bucharest, but more in the rest of the country - like Brasov....
To tell you a story I heard in Prejmer fortress from the nice local guide overthere....back in 17 century, when a couple married - and she was definitively a virgin - & they do not get along in bed, they were not allowed to separate - they were forced to share a prison cell to eat with the same spoon untill they get back together.